31 de marzo de 2010

Top Ten Web Languages

Fuente: The Global Edge!

If you want to reach non-English speaking internet users, what languages should you focus on first? Well, the answer depends on several different factors. However, if you would like to reach the maximum number of internet users, regardless of other demographics, then you might consider some of the top languages spoken by internet users worldwide. According to Internet World Stats, your company website could be understood by 83.3% of the world if you translate first into the top 10 languages spoken by internet users:

1. English: 478,442,379 users
2. Chinese: 383,650,713 users
3. Spanish: 136,524,063 users
4. Japanese: 95,979,000 users
5. French: 78,972,116 users
6. Portuguese: 73,052,600 users
7. German: 64,593,535 users
8. Arabic: 50,422,300 users
9. Russian: 45,250,000 users
10. Korean: 37,475,800 users

* Other Languages: 289,631,235 users

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